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The New York Times
May 28, 2024
Michael Sugrue, 66, Dies; His Talks on Philosophy Were a YouTube Hit
By Trip Gabriel
UF News
May 21, 2024
Hamilton Center welcomes 21 new faculty members
UF News
May 3, 2024
UF Hamilton Center for Classical and Civic Education receives $1 million pledge, the largest to-date
The Washington Examiner
April 30, 2024
Young adults’ dependence on TikTok shows why they need civic education
By Hans Zeiger and Garrett Exner
The George W. Bush Presidential Center
April 25, 2024
Forum on Leadership 2024: Human Rights and the New Global Order
Philanthropy Roundtable
April 24, 2024
How Donors Can Restore American Values in Higher Education
By Madeline Fry Schultz
April 17, 2024
Hamilton Center Statement on the Death of Senator Bob Graham

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