Fall 2023

Course ID Course Title Class # Instructor Location Weekday Time
IDH2935 Special Topics: Wisdom and Heroism 28748 David McPherson MAT 0113 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:00 PM-3:50 PM
IDH2935 Special Topics: Wisdom and Heroism 28797 Karl Gunther LEI 0104 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:45 AM- 12:35 PM
IDH2930 (Un) Common Read: Aristotle’s Rhetoric 28719 Howard Lidsky Tuesday 9:35 AM-10:25 AM
IDH2930 (Un) common Read: Philosophy of David Hume 28713 Brooks Sommerville LIT 0119 Tuesday 1:55 PM-2:45 PM
IDH2930 (Un) common Read: John Donne’s Songs and Sonnets 28546 Jill P. Ingram LIT 0119 Friday 1:55 PM-2:45 PM
IDH2930 (Un)common Read: Despair in The Communist Manifesto 28510 Carlos A. Casanova LIT 0117 Tuesday 1:55 PM-2:45 PM
IDH2930 (Un)common read: The Knight on the Bridge 28512 Mihow McKenny LIT 0119 Wednesday 12:50 PM-1:40 PM
IDH2930 (Un)common read: Kant’s Groundwork 28693 Molly Gurdon Pinkoski LIT 0117 Tuesday 11:45 AM-12:35 PM
IDH2930 (Un)common read: Goethe’s Faust in Translation 28509 Clay Greene LIT 0117 Monday 9:35 AM- 10:35 AM
IDH2930 (Un)common read: Plato’s Republic 28704 Allen Porter LIT 0117 Tuesday 12:50 PM- 1:40 PM
IDH2930 (Un)common Read: St Augustine, The Confessions 28717 Nathan Pinkoski LIT 0119 Wednesday 4:05 PM-4:55 PM

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