Robert G. IngramĀ 

Associate Director 

Professor of Humanities 


Robert G. Ingram is Associate Director of the Hamilton Center Classical and Civic Education and Professor of Humanities. Prior to joining the Hamilton Center, he was Professor of History at Ohio University and founding director of the Menard Family George Washington Forum. He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and an honorary professor in the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Durham University.  

His research focuses on the early history of liberal democracy in the English-speaking world, with particular focus on religion and politics. He is the author of Reformation Without End: Religion, Politics and the Past in Post-Revolutionary England and Religion, Reform and Modernity in the Eighteenth Century: Thomas Secker and the Church of England. He has co-edited a number of books, including People Power: Popular Sovereignty from Machiavelli to Modernity, Freedom of Speech, 1500–1850 and God in the Enlightenment. He is also co-editor of a new book series on intellectual history called Ideas and Practices, 1300–1850 

Ingram has written for National Review, Modern Age, Claremont Review of Books and the University Bookman. His current book projects are The World to Come: The Sacred and the Secular in England, 1660–1760 and The Religion of the State: Sovereignty, Pluralism and Constitutionalism, 1890–1920. He is also currently co-editing Liberal Democracy and the Age of Revolution and Capitalism: Histories, as well as a scholarly edition of the memoirs and correspondence of the Whig politician John Lord Hervey (1696–1743), which will be published by Oxford University Press 


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