Allen Porter

Postdoctoral Fellow 


Allen Porter joined the Hamilton Center following an appointment as a John and Daria Barry Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the James Madison Program at Princeton University. His primary research interests are bioethics, continental philosophy, and political philosophy. His dissertation, “Social Justice Leftism as Deconstructive Postmodernism,” offers a unified explanation of several novel phenomena associated with what is now commonly called the “woke left”—including the use of various techniques of “silencing” (such as “deplatforming”), calls by students for racially segregated campus spaces, the new rhetoric of “equity,” “microaggression” complaints and demands for “safe spaces,” and more. In addition to his ongoing work in political philosophy, his current research focuses primarily on Heideggerian phenomenology and the bioethics of transhumanism and posthumanism. 


Curriculum Vitae